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bestmixer bitcoin mixer

Bestmixer to support Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin

Bestmixer bitcoin  mixer also functions as a bitcoin tumbler and a litecoin mixer. It is accessible on both the clear web and dark web. Their interface provides many unique options such as timed delivery delays, the allowance of multiple outputs and more. Below, I will outline the features, benefits and review my experience with Bestmixer.

Bestmixer Summary

  • Website:
  • Onion URL: bestmix75b2gllyx.onion
  • Coins Supported: BTC, BCH, LTC
  • Three coin pools (reserves).
  • Fee: 1% Minimum.
  • No logs policy: Yes.
  • Time Delays: Yes, User controlled.
  • Minimum Deposit: 0.001BTC
  • Additional Addresses: 10
  • Distribution Control: Yes, User Controlled.

In addition to supporting multiple coins such as bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and litecoin they also have plans to add many new cryptocurrencies in coming months. User Interface

When comparing the bestmixer bitcoin mixer to others it seems to operate quickly and iw also very sImple and user friendly. On the front page you’ll first see an input box where the user may specify their output address. In other words, the address(s) that the coins will be sent to after the mixing transaction. 

bestmixer bitcoin mixer

There’s an adjustable slider that can be adjusted to the high or low end of fees. As part of their interface, you can also see how “secure” or safe your mix is based on more addresses,time delays,amount spent on fees etc) in order to make their mix as private and anonymous as possible

Additional Addresses

You may specify up to 10 additional outputs. Each output is a separate bitcoin address, and will receive part of the new, mixed coins. For example: if you send 5 BTC to best mixer and specified 5 output addresses, you would get around 1BTC on 5 separate addresses.


bestmixer bitcoin mixer

Time Delays

After specifying multiple output addresses, modifying your service fee, and keeping a close eye on that security meter the whole time you’ve now come to the time delay feature.  BestMixer bitcoin mixer – oh, as well as bitcoin cash mixer lets users control the delay for each individual address separately, which is unique to Bestmixer. 

Percentage Distribution

As part of the multiple output address feature, you may also choose to specify the weight in which the output coins will be distributed among your output addresses.

You may specify a certain amount per address, as little or as much as you like. The benefit of percentage distribution with best mixer is that you can actually specify specific amounts. This is something else unique to best mixer

bestmixer bitcoin mixer


As mentioned earlier, the fee can be adjusted on the higher or lower end of the service fee spectrum. The minimum fee being 1% while the higher end landing at 5%


  • Bitcoins –  0.001BTC
  • Bitcoin Cash –  0.001BCH
  • Litecoin – 0.001LTC.

Secure Mixing Code

Once you begin a mix you are provided a unique mixing code. This mixing code may be used to look up transactions within the past 24 hours. Additionally, you may enter the mixing code when beginning a new mix- to ensure that you don’t receive your same coinds from before.

Final Words

Bestmixer bitcoin mixer is one of the top bitcoin mixers by far. The fact that the support bitcoin cash as well as litecoin and soon to come ethereum just made them one of our favorites.

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Bitcoin Cash Mixer Privacy Features

With so many new bitcoin cash mixer services popping up each day; it’s important to be sure you’re using a reputable bitcoin cash mixer. There are many impostor and phishing sites out there specifically designed to steal your bitcoin cash.

Bitcoin Cash Mixer Privacy Features

Although bitcoin cash mixers anonymize your bitcoin cash, advanced blockchain research can still narrow down and trace behavior in a number of ways. Many of the more popular bitcoin mixers offer a number of privacy features designed to hide the origin and destination of your coin.

Bitcoin Cash Deposit  Time Delay

bitcoin cash mixerMany of the best bitcoin cash mixers offer the ability to randomly delay deposits. Meaning that there will be a layover period before the new coin is sent to your output wallet.

By doing so you are randomizing the time elapsed between the deposit, and withdraw. This creates an additional variable for anyone tracing or tracking your activity.

Bitcoin Cash Multiple Wallet Output

More advanced bitcoin cash mixers such as bitcoin cash mixerBCH-Mixer offer the ability to withdraw your deposited Bitcoin cash to multiple destination wallet addresses.

By splitting up the deposit amounts, anyone researching your transactions on the blockchain would be left in the dark when following specific transaction amounts.

Always Mix Your Bitcoin Cash

It never hurts to mix your bitcoin cash twice. In addition to utilizing delay and multiple output features; double mixing your coins (preferably using two separate services) multiplies the layers of anonymity.

Be sure to research the bitcoin cash mixer before sending any funds. We have compiled an extensive list of the most trusted bitcoin cash mixers here: bitcoin cash mixer directory.

bitcoin cash mixer

Finding The Best Bitcoin Cash Mixer

Finding the best bitcoin cash mixer is crucial for the security and privacy of your BCH assets. These mixer services take your dirty, or otherwise “questionable” bitcoin cash assets and mix them with other tokens on the system. Once the process is complete, the new clean bitcoin cash is then deposited into your specified wallet(s).

This is a common practice when sending or receiving funds to or from deep web marketplaces, adult related sites, or even online casino sites. In many documented cases, assets have been held/seized by major exchanges or online merchants due to their prior activity on the blockchain. Mixing bitcoin cash is highly recommended not only to protect your anonymity… But to also ensure the safety of your funds.

Finding The Best Bitcoin Cash Mixer

There are many legitimate bitcoin cash mixers available on the clearweb and deep web. In this article we will outline some of the most important features to look for when choosing a BCH mixer.

Trust Ranking and Reputation

bitcoin cash mixerThe most obvious thing you want to do is choose a bitcoin cash mixer that’s reputable. You don’t want to send your money to a scammer or fly-by-night service, so do your research. Check review websites and read up on other peoples experiences before sending any BCH. Be completely certain that you’re using a secure, respectable mixer.

There are a number of trusted bitcoin cash mixers to choose from. BCHBlender, BCH-Mixer, and Onion Mixer being some of the more popular options.

Security & Privacy Features

bitcoin cash mixerMany bitcoin cash mixer services reside on both the clearweb and the deep web. Deep web  mixers can only be accessed via the Tor browser and are most commonly recognized by an obfuscated domain name ending in a (.onion) extension.

One of the more popular mixers being Onion Mixer, which can be accessed at http://nologs5v3izpluuu.onion/ (Tor Browser only)

Always Use a Bitcoin Cash Mixer

Although BCH mixers “clean” your coins, they can still be traced with advanced blockchain analysis tactics. Such tactics include time based analysis, as well as incremental based research. Advanced bitcoin cash mixer services offer randomized delay features, and multiple output wallet options to further strengthen your anonymity against such tactics.

For a complete list of the best bitcoin cash mixer services, visit our bitcoin cash mixer directory