bchblender bitcoin cash mixer


BCHBlender is a popular bitcoin cash mixer that offers a secure, easy and fast bitcoin cash mixer experience. They require only (1) confirmation before releasing your new, clean bitcoin cash to the specified output wallet. This makes the process much faster than most all other bitcoin cash mixer services. Users also have the ability to set a delay for their transaction processing. This allows users to anonymize the timing of their bitcoin delivery.

When you first access the site, the instructions are made very clear.

  1. Enter the bitcoin cash wallet address you want your new, “clean” bitcoin cash sent to
  2. Enter additional addresses you want your bitcoin cash split to (optional)
  3. Specify your fee and random delay for transaction processing (optional)

Due to it’s significantly lower fee per mix, BCHBlender bitcoin mixer is highly recommended for high volume mixes. They offer excellent security features and extremely user friendly and fast.

Visit BCHBlender.com

Official Onion: http://bchbllsp4mp22qvn.onion/